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North Side Sox

Podcast with Sam Sherman and Janice Scurio.

North Side Sox Podcast 23: Feeling 2022

Janice Scurio and Sam Sherman are back on the mic, with a 2022 season preview.

North Side Sox Podcast 22: West Coast White Sox’s Justice delos Santos joins the pod to discuss the White Sox, graduating from college, and his favorite Chicago things

North Side Sox Podcast 21: South Side Cubs

Sara Sanchez from Bleed Cubbie Blue joins us for the most audacious podcast crossover in recent history

North Side Sox Podcast 20: Getting Spicy with Sean Evans

The host of the massively popular show, Hot Ones, also happens to be a massively big White Sox fan. We talk about the White Sox, 16´´softball, and how he built a media empire

North Side Sox Podcast 19 - EXCLUSIVE Conversation with Jake Burger’s College Coach, Keith Guttin

Missouri State’s baseball coach chatted about his former player Jake Burger, who is making his long-awaited White Sox debut Friday night in Detroit

North Side Sox Podcast 17: DJ Gladney (Diary of a Cannon Baller)

In this new North Side Sox segment, we bring you up close and personal to minor league life

North Side Sox Podcast 16: What’s Eating Lucas Giolito?

Janice and Sam are joined by Michael Ajeto of PitcherList to break down his findings about the White Sox ace

North Side Sox Podcast 15: The Kansas City BBQ

Janice and Sam bring on Royals expert Kevin O’Brien to ask the questions we were all afraid to ask in April

North Side Sox Podcast 14: The Most Spectacular, Absurd, Profane and Accidentally Cogent Crossover Event in White Sox Audio History, Starring the Killer B’s

If you want to hear four of our finest podcast stars get together, crack some beverages, cuss out the worst of the White Sox and gush over the best, we present this hybrid mutant podcast that does eventually end, trust us

North Side Sox Podcast 13: Rodónuts and Coffee

We talk about Carlos Rodón’s sweet success with his high school coach, Holly Springs High School manager Rod Whitesell!

North Side Sox Podcast 12 — Cut to the Feeling

Sam and Janice are joined by Eric Stephen of Halos Heaven for an Opening Series preview!

North Side Sox Podcast 11: Stirring the Pot!

Sam and Janice are joined by Zach Hayes of PitcherList for a spring training breakdown

North Side Sox Podcast 10 — Running Through Brick Walls

We’re so excited about the White Sox, and to share that enthusiasm, we bring on Sox Machine’s Josh Nelson!

North Side Sox Podcast 9: Raising Arizona

With spring training on the horizon, Jim Callis joins Sam and Janice to talk prospects!

North Side Sox Podcast 8: Minnesota Nice

Janice and Sam talk to Dan Hayes about how recent Twins acquisitions shift the power dynamic in the AL Central

North Side Sox Podcast 7: The Tim Anderson Episode, featuring Herb Lawrence!

Janice and Sam are joined by Herb Lawrence (670 the Score, Locked on Sox) for a lively conversation on the state of the White Sox

North Side Sox Podcast 6: The Hand that Feeds

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world, and lately, baseball offers us no solace from that

North Side Sox Podcast 5: There’s always money in the banana stand

The White Sox are making moves, but we’re always looking for the money

North Side Sox Podcast 4: Are you going to finish that?

With a strange and distant Thanksgiving in the books, what better way to digest our meals ingested via Zoom than with a set of blowout trade proposals?

North Side Sox Podcast 3: It can’t get any worse, right?

Just when we were reaching the acceptance stage, too. Look, we’re really trying over here.

Another new podcast makes a South Side Sox debut!

Don’t be confused, but North Side Sox, with Janice Scurio and Sam Sherman, hits SSS to talk La Russa and Halloween


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