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Humor and absurdity.

The best 98 cents ever spent

A fictionalized remembrance of the most-hyped rock n’ roll riot in major league history

South Side Eleanor Rigby

Sing for your next recital, ideally with an accompanying ensemble of kazoos and armpit farts

The Walk Heard ’Round the World

The night Leury Legend truly became legendary

Fire Rick!

Completing the matching set with Fire Tony, Rick Hahn gets the cannon treatment in our latest store offering

The Importance of Being Hall-of-Famer Baseball Person

A play in one act

Fire Tony!

La Russa gets the cannon treatment, in our latest store offering

It’s Gio Day, baby!

Ali White and Adrian Serrano combine forces to create a keeper T-shirt honoring Lucas Giolito

Welcome to White Sox therapy

It can only get better ... can’t it?

White Sox season set-up: big hopes and small fears

A somewhat sober presentation of potential highs and lows for 2022.

SSS Staff Predictions 2022: How far will the White Sox go?

Everyone is on board with a division win ... and for some, a World Series is in the cards

Taking in the sweet sounds of the ballpark

A ranking of 10 favorite White Sox walk-up/entrance songs from last season.

White Sox vs. Cubs: RIVALRY ROW (the British kind)

The definitive head-to-head guide for your South Siders and the team from the Lakeview East Shopping Plaza

Release the Bobbleheads!

From a homer in the corn to a stolen fly ball and the ever-popular nod to superheroes, the White Sox unveil a bevy of bobbles for the coming season.

Available now: a couple of sassy new T-shirts

Daniel Palka gets spicy, while the White Sox spend ... unwisely.

Thirty owners and one megadoofus control baseball. Bring back the Players League!

We brought a late 1800s concept right up to the 2020s — now available in ribald flavor.

Opening Day for the Lockout League!

The White Sox are crushed by our writers, 7-0.

Bring back the Players League!

We are bringing a late 1800s concept right up to the 2020s.

Rebranding the White Sox, Vol. 5

The flying sock soars once again!

Let’s solve this thing all in one swoop

Give the owners what they really want.

Rebranding the White Sox, Vol. 3

When you’re not sure where the game ends and the commodity begins.

Tournament of Tangentially Baseball-Related Videos That I Was Able to Find on YouTube

It’s the battle you never thought you’d need to weigh in on, but in these lockout-parched times you know you must.

White Sox 2022 Promotional Schedule Is Here

What are you willing to wait in line for this season?

Rebranding the White Sox, Vol. 2

A fun way to inject some energy, or spitting in the face of god?

Field of Dreams Is Crowned Our Best Baseball Movie

Sappy triumphs over dumb, White Sox prevail over Wahoos.

It’s Field of Dreams vs. Major League to Decide the Best Baseball Movie of All Time

Sorta sappy vs. sorta dumb!

The Best Baseball Movie of All Time: Final Four

Despite the seedings, there are no true sleepers left.

The Best Baseball Movie of All Time: Elite Eight

After a few early upsets, our field has been trimmed in half.

What’s the Best Baseball Movie of All Time?

Missing Hall of Fame talk? (OK, you’re not.) Hop into our weeklong vote on the best diamond flick ever.

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A Visit from St. Jer, Alas

With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.

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Lockout Cryptosoxery #1

Some fun and games while there are neither games nor fun.

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Stop Hitting, Abreu

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Stop Hitting Abreu