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On deck: The next three White Sox prospects we should see in Chicago

Reinforcements will be one the way, due to performance or injury — but who will arrive first?

The Last Temptation of Tony La Russa

As the embarrassments of White Sox fans pile up like traffic on the Dan Ryan, we stare into our skipper’s subconscious

A Prayer for Irrelevance 

Is it better to be ignored or to be a laughingstock? A very 2022 question

Hopech and the Mendick Irruption

Hope can flare up real quick

The four factors of South Side struggles

Three sit in the suites, one decimates the clubhouse

Madding lineups, and the limits of grace

Sports means accepting failure. It shouldn’t mean accepting willful idiocy

Know Your Enemy: White Sox

I can’t for the life of me muster the energy to talk smack about our "enemy" when I actually want to root for them instead.

Andrew Vaughn proves his worth with clutch hitting

The hottest White Sox hitter helps snap an early Chisox losing streak.

Tony La Russa is a really, really good baseball manager

And that’s why he shouldn’t be managing the 2022 White Sox.

How Blackness impacts baseball

April 15 marks the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s historic debut — but there is still work to be done.

Tuesday Morning Thoughts: A warm welcome to 2022 home opener

For the first time since 2019, the White Sox will be greeted by a full house of fans for the home opener. What does this year’s game mean for Chicago?

Hail to the Cease

Stuck in between past and promise, Dylan Cease very well may hold the White Sox future in his hands.

Lucas Giolito: Angering an ace

With the South Siders needlessly taking their top starter to arbitration, let’s take a look at the team’s stingy history.

The Night Before Baseball

It’s just spring training, but it’s been a long time coming.

Let’s solve this thing all in one swoop

Give the owners what they really want.

Saving Major League Baseball From Itself

A competitive balancing act.

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Miñoso and Others Deserved Better

With so many players receiving the call to the Hall after they’re gone, it’s time to honor more legends before it’s too late.

A Millennial’s Guide For When Players You Grew Up With Retire

Past generations have made it through this, and you will, too.

The White Sox Are Down 0-2 in the ALDS, but They’re Not Mediocre

Even after two losses, it’s OK to still think the South Siders are a good baseball team.

The Chicago Black & White Sox

A dive into the doom and gloom that reaches our core, the sources of fans’ irrational insecurities — and curmudgeonly texts from Dad.

Sharing Sox Podcast 25 — Spring Has Sprung Edition

Pitchers and catchers report, oh, my!

One and Gone (Almost) for Sure

Lancing the theory that Lynn isn’t a rental

Sharing Sox Podcast 24: Rodón Less Traveled Edition

With our Carlos on Cruz control

Sharing Sox Podcast 23: Hall of Fumes Edition

A good Mark for Buehrle, Curt comments about Schilling

Sharing Sox Podcast 22 - Liam Hendricks Edition

Throw another reliever on the barbie

Sharing Sox Podcast 21: Catchers in the Wry

AKA post-insurrection backup backstop edition

Sharing Sox Podcast 20 - New Year Edition

A little look back, a long look forward

Sharing Sox Podcast 19: Xmas Edition

Can we wish Tony La Russa back to retirement?

Sharing Sox Podcast 18: Spiders in Our Ballpark

And should we get steamed about Steamer?

Sharing Sox Podcast 17: What’s Eaton Us

Sox Lance one, Eat one

Sharing Sox Podcast 16: Tender is the Night

Mazara may love company, but does the company love him?

Sharing Sox Podcast 15: Happy Thanksgiving!

In which we travel from Cairo to Tampa Bay