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SSS Podcast 9: Early offseason thoughts

Scott Reichard and Brett Ballantini take a look at the manager search and offseason needs

89th MLB All-Star Game

In his South Side Sox debut, classical guitarist (aka GuitarSox) and White Sox writer Scott Reichard hops on the podcast to talk about the highlights of 2020, and what the White Sox need to do — in the manager’s chair and with the roster — to get deeper into the postseason in 2021.

If A.J. Hinch is the top choice for the club, how do we rationalize appointing someone somewhat tainted to the big chair on the South Side? Scott finds a way, in fairly compelling fashion.

This is the first podcast of the offseason, outside of our new Sharing Sox series with Leigh and Will Allan, and the goal is to have a number of South Side Sox writers, as well as people outside of the staff, on throughout the offseason. We are targeting three podcasts per week, so please feel free to offer comments below on who you’d like to talk to and what you’re interested in hearing about.