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North Side Sox Podcast 3: It can’t get any worse, right?

Just when we were reaching the acceptance stage, too. Look, we’re really trying over here.

Kim Ng, José Abreu, and Ethan Katz have contributed to some awesome news in baseball, at least.

In this third (second at South Side Sox) installment of North Side Sox, Janice and Sam continue to unpack (yes, again) the issues surrounding the Tony La Russa hire, following up on Jeff Passan’s recent story surrounding La Russa’s second DUI arrest.

  • Initially, we were afraid that La Russa would deter free agents from signing. Unfortunately, we were right.
  • We dissect the “statement” released by the White Sox, and why saying so little actually says a lot.

Despite *gestures wildly* this, there were some bright spots to discuss in baseball this week:

  • Well overdue, the Miami Marlins hired Kim Ng as their new general manager! As an Asian-American woman, Janice discusses why hiring Ng is especially important for representation in baseball. Sam talks about her White Sox connection, and how he’s possibly adopting an NL team.
  • Ethan Katz is the new White Sox pitching coach! Learn a little about his contribution towards developing three of the hottest arms in baseball today, including someone you might know: Lucas Giolito.
  • José Abreu is your 2020 AL MVP! Walk down memory lane with us as we recall Abreu’s monster 2020 season, and his rightful place among the White Sox greats.

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