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Sharing Sox Podcast 14: How About Theo for Manager?

Maybe a straight-up trade for our new guy ...

Sharing Sox was recorded on Tuesday this week, just before the 2021 ZiPS projections came out, so there’s zip about ZiPS.

But SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan, his son and West Coast correspondent Will, and guest fan and fellow thespian Rob Colletti (Book of Mormon, School of Rock) delve into changes on high for that other team in town (and how we could unload you-know-who on them).

The trio also discuss many other goings-on around baseball:

  • Miami’s hiring of Kim Ng
  • José Abreu’s MVP and impression of Tony La Russa
  • Brett’s SB Nation Offseason Sim results
  • Possible free agents and trades
  • Mark Buehrle’s Hall of Fame credentials
  • New pitching coach Ethan Katz
  • and maybe just a little moment or two about the elephant in the room who has a nose like W.C. Fields’.

If you missed the latest North Side Sox podcast last weekend, don’t be afraid to go back and give it a listen — after all, Janice and Sam didn’t spend any time talking about Halloween or slasher flicks this past cast.

Listen to all the South Side Sox podcasts on the player above, or at Apple Podcasts or Spotify.