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Adam Dunn White Sox Press Conference

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South Side Sox Slackcast 5: A Seat at the Table

Do salary limitations cap how good the White Sox can be?

Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The abrupt and unsatisfying end to the offseason (let’s face it people, if the season gets rolling in spring, the “offseason” is just going to be another two or three days of madcap spending) is not only due to the owners locking out players. In some eyes, it’s also about the White Sox making a lax attempt to improve, as options fall off the board.

The middle infield market was as robust as you’ll ever see, with several potential Hall of Fame talents on the board — and the South Siders re-signed Leury García, for three years.

As a staff, we started chatting about it, using the last-minute Cubs (!) signing of Marcus Stroman as a tipping point. As usual, we’re sharing the product of those talks with you here.

Also, don’t be alarmed: That actually is a James Fox-Darren Black alliance forming, so really, anything is still possible this offseason.

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