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White Sox Group Therapy Session 1

On the heels of a seven-game losing streak, Sam Sherman assembled an SSS support group to help him work through his sports fan emotions.

After more than two decades of sports fandom, Sam Sherman hit a crossroads.

It’s hard to explain, but he found myself asking if all of the emotional pain that his sports fandom has brought him is worth it anymore.

Sam, who co-hosts North Side Sox on SSS with Janice Scurio, was going to do a solo podcast to vent about his feelings, but decided that would be sad and unproductive. Instead, he turned to some pals on the South Side Sox staff (Adrian Serrano, Chrystal O’Keefe, Tommy Barbee and Zach Hayes) to talk through these feelings in a quasi-group therapy session.

Completely coincidentally, this morning Mitch Ransdell wrote up a piece that also touches on the notion that perhaps we all need White Sox therapy.

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