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Cryptosoxery: Final Spring Answer

Ozzie relates to the masses

SSS Cryptosoxery #13: A Final One, for the Fans

It’s our last quiz before the regular season break!

SSS Cryposoxery #11

Prospect evaluation ain’t all it’s cracked up to be

SSS Cryptosoxery #9

A little spring training for us all

SSS Cryptosoxery #8

Funny what you find when you’re not looking for it

South Side Sox Cryptosoxery #7

Another Sox newbie had something to say

SSS Cryptosoxery #6

A little advice to the front office from an expert

SSS Cryptosoxery #4

This week’s word quiz comes from an actually self-effacing new guy

SSS Cryptosoxery #3

It’s a resurrection of a much more minor insurrection

SSS Cryptosoxery #2

Featuring the White Sox quote of the year

SSS Cryptosoxery #1

A new offseason of White Sox puzzlement begins

Following up: Future of broadcast booth introduced

Plus: Hawk Harrelson acknowledges the toll of 2015, four Sox file for arbitration, and Justin Upton can't win

Ozzie doesn't understand the people out there

Open Thread

"If he says he did whatever he did, he did whatever he did."

Danks eager for tonight's game


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