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Rick Hahn

Today in White Sox History: January 26

Happy birthday day to a KBO giant and South Side scuffler

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Today in White Sox History: January 4

A sneaky-smart pickup in the discount aisle!

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Today in White Sox History: December 10

Ken Harrelson’s best move as GM?

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Today in White Sox History: December 7

Two separate, same-day, winning deals with the Expos

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The face of the worst rebuild in sports

The White Sox release of Tim Anderson is just another sign of what the organization represents: Failure

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Today in White Sox History: October 24

A Top 50 South Side hitter jumps across town

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Today in White Sox History: October 15

One title — and one step closer to another

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Today in White Sox History: October 5

While other years featured playoff heroics, 2022 ended with a burp

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Sharing Sox Podcast 115 — Kenny and Rick are Gone, Gone, Gone!!!!

But count on Jerry to make things even worse

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Rick Hahn and Ken Williams are out

White Sox seek accountability for disappointing season

Midseason regime change a first for Jerry Reinsdorf

Williams and Hahn are the first White Sox executives dismissed mid-season under current ownership

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Gamethread: Mariners at White Sox

Yes, they are still playing the games

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Attila the Hahn

The barbarian at Gate 4 won an Executive of the Year award, did you know?

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Sharing Sox Podcast 114 — That was the week that was

As the White Sox suffered culture shock

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Anderson suspended six games amid day of chaos for White Sox organization

The shortstop’s suspension ranked only as a minor item in a flat-out embarrassing Monday for the White Sox

Sure, we think they’re failures

But from their perspectives, they’re doing just great

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South Side Sox Reacts

How did Rick Hahn do at the trade deadline?

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Dugout Metrics Podcast 8 — Trade deadline review

Trevor Lines and Malachi Hayes hop on with Brett Ballantini to break down each trade of the latest Rick Hahn reshuffle

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This is what Rick Hahn does

Accountability? It’s not the American way

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Dear Chicago White Sox Fans: Embrace the apathy

Why should fans care, if our club won’t even pretend to shake things up at the top?

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There’s always a catch (-er, that is)

And as he goes, so goes the team (usually, anyway)

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The trade the White Sox desperately need to make

It’s the only one that would really matter

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Sox Populi Podcast 151 — Any room for hope?

Brian O’Neill, Melissa Sage-Bollenbach and Malachi Hayes join Brett Ballantini to try to squeeze some hope out of a woebegone ballclub gifted by a ragtag division

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Where do the White Sox go from here?

The upcoming trade deadline leads to a number of questions for a team in limbo

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Sox Populi Podcast 150 — No historical precedent — 2023-06-22

Mark Liptak joins Brett Ballantini for a look at the unprecedented awfulness of this year’s club, and how deep the rot drives

Aren’t baseball trades supposed to have a point?

You know, a big picture-y thing

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Hey, Rick Hahn, is this what you wanted?

White Sox are paying the price for giving the GM everything he asked for

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The White Sox don’t deserve us

This team has decided that they don’t care, and no, I’m not talking about Luis Robert Jr.’s "lack of hustle"

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Textbook malfeasance

If you wanted to ruin the White Sox, what would you do differently?

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A Rick Hahn Assessment, Part Two: Free Agency

Unlike his modestly-positive work with trades, the free market is what has destroyed the White Sox over the past decade

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Today in White Sox History: April 1

Rick Hahn replaces one problem with another

Today in White Sox History: March 14

Los leaves town


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