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Rick Hahn

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Sharing Sox Podcast 115 — Kenny and Rick are Gone, Gone, Gone!!!!

But count on Jerry to make things even worse

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Rick Hahn and Ken Williams are out

White Sox seek accountability for disappointing season

Midseason regime change a first for Jerry Reinsdorf

Williams and Hahn are the first White Sox executives dismissed mid-season under current ownership

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Gamethread: Mariners at White Sox

Yes, they are still playing the games

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Attila the Hahn

The barbarian at Gate 4 won an Executive of the Year award, did you know?

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Sharing Sox Podcast 114 — That was the week that was

As the White Sox suffered culture shock

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Anderson suspended six games amid day of chaos for White Sox organization

The shortstop’s suspension ranked only as a minor item in a flat-out embarrassing Monday for the White Sox

Sure, we think they’re failures

But from their perspectives, they’re doing just great

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South Side Sox Reacts

How did Rick Hahn do at the trade deadline?

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Dugout Metrics Podcast 8 — Trade deadline review

Trevor Lines and Malachi Hayes hop on with Brett Ballantini to break down each trade of the latest Rick Hahn reshuffle

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This is what Rick Hahn does

Accountability? It’s not the American way

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Dear Chicago White Sox Fans: Embrace the apathy

Why should fans care, if our club won’t even pretend to shake things up at the top?

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There’s always a catch (-er, that is)

And as he goes, so goes the team (usually, anyway)

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The trade the White Sox desperately need to make

It’s the only one that would really matter

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Sox Populi Podcast 151 — Any room for hope?

Brian O’Neill, Melissa Sage-Bollenbach and Malachi Hayes join Brett Ballantini to try to squeeze some hope out of a woebegone ballclub gifted by a ragtag division

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Where do the White Sox go from here?

The upcoming trade deadline leads to a number of questions for a team in limbo

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Sox Populi Podcast 150 — No historical precedent — 2023-06-22

Mark Liptak joins Brett Ballantini for a look at the unprecedented awfulness of this year’s club, and how deep the rot drives

Aren’t baseball trades supposed to have a point?

You know, a big picture-y thing

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Hey, Rick Hahn, is this what you wanted?

White Sox are paying the price for giving the GM everything he asked for

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The White Sox don’t deserve us

This team has decided that they don’t care, and no, I’m not talking about Luis Robert Jr.’s "lack of hustle"

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Textbook malfeasance

If you wanted to ruin the White Sox, what would you do differently?

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A Rick Hahn Assessment, Part Two: Free Agency

Unlike his modestly-positive work with trades, the free market is what has destroyed the White Sox over the past decade

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Today in White Sox History: April 1

Rick Hahn replaces one problem with another

Today in White Sox History: March 14

Los leaves town

Return of Elvis (Andrus)

The White Sox have bought back their best signing of 2022

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The White Sox may want us to — but we are not whitewashing Mike Clevinger

If the club we cover won’t make the call, we will

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Baseball is back, and the White Sox remain awful

The front office continues to disappoint

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Sharing Sox Podcast 98 — My, aren’t we Clevinger

Plus talk of rotation replacements and the return of the TV booth duo

Mike Clevinger is an alleged child abuser

Another feather in the cap for an organization which now has no accountability, or likability, whatsoever

Today in White Sox History: January 4

Another three-team swap knocks on Rick Hahn’s door

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A Rick Hahn Assessment, Part One: Trades

Perhaps not as good or bad as you think, but the GM has been a wash since 2013

Hot Stove cooks up some main dishes, serves up some BIG contracts

... oh, and Rick Hahn slings his usual hash