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Rick Hahn

White Sox Deadline Additions? Trust the Pro Scouts

The group is on a hot streak this year, so prospective improvements to the active roster are in good hands

The Money Will, Indeed, Be Spent

The pending perils of the Pale Hose purse strings

The Conversation

Can this dream be made real?

Gamethread: Brewers at White Sox

Baseball’s back, so let the gamethreads begin!

Rick Hahn Steps in It ... Again

Snippiness over spending rears its ugly head in an Athletic chat

It’s World Series or Bust for the 2021 White Sox

Rick Hahn’s bold first day in Glendale paves a path for perceived South Side domination

White Sox Reporting Day Roundup

More ugly news of the La Russa hiring opens camp, but there are optimistic developments as well

Sharing Sox Podcast 22 - Liam Hendricks Edition

Throw another reliever on the barbie

South Side Sox podcast debut: Dugout Metrics

Trevor Lines and Luke Smailes put the Winter Meetings under the statistical lens

South Side Sox Podcast 13: Winter Meetings breakdown

Brett Ballantini talks with Rob Colletti about the good (Lance Lynn) and bad (Adam Eaton) of the past week, and where we go from here

Sharing Sox Podcast 17: What’s Eaton Us

Sox Lance one, Eat one

White Sox keys to contention: Santander and Bauer

All roster problems solved, in two easy steps!

A sensible fit: Joc in White Sox

If big money is ticketed for pitching this offseason, Pederson is the best of the second choices after George Springer

Sharing Sox Podcast 16: Tender is the Night

Mazara may love company, but does the company love him?

South Side Sox Podcast 12: Surplus Values and Minor League Contraction

Brett Ballantini talks with Colleen Sullivan about the best and worst deals of last offseason, and the rise of the proletariat class in minor league baseball

How did Rick Hahn do?

Using surplus value, the hits and misses from 2020 add up to ... a wash

Sharing Sox Podcast 15: Happy Thanksgiving!

In which we travel from Cairo to Tampa Bay

Sharing Sox Podcast 14: How About Theo for Manager?

Maybe a straight-up trade for our new guy ...

Sharing Sox Podcast 13: Tony who?

There may be a boycott mention included

The letter Rick Hahn should be writing today ...

but won’t

White Sox job a desirable destination for managerial candidates

It’s an organization loaded with talent, in a top-three market located in a world-class city, so Rick Hahn, enjoy the search

Rick Hahn’s June wins

Looking past draft failures at some of the actual successes

Rick Hahn voted Sporting News MLB Executive of the Year

A successful 2020 season jump-started the rebuild’s contention phase

Sharing Sox podcast strikes South Side Sox

As father and son Sox fans pretend to know what they’re talking about

An open letter to Rick Hahn

Please, please do not make us ashamed to be White Sox fans

These aren’t your older brother’s White Sox

The White Sox will soon employ a new voice in the managerial seat, and that’s unlikely to be the most significant move of the winter for a budding franchise.

Hey, White Sox fans: Ask Me After the Parade

Welcome in a new competitive era with our tribute to Rick Hahn’s chutzpah!

‘Labor’ strife hits the Sox

And, well, Houston might be having the worst 107-win season ever

With the White Sox rebuild, it all starts at the top

Which is too bad for us


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