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Super Stats Pack

Posts of advanced stats.

Value Survey: Game 70

Two new names, including TA, top the list of best White Sox values so far this season

Super Stats Pack: Game 35 (Team/Value)

A woeful collection of hurlers falls farther behind the White Sox offense — and down the pitching leaderboards

Super Stats Pack: Hitters/Pitchers (Game 30)

Now with a full list of qualifying players!

Super Stats Pack: Game 25 (Team/Value)

Yoan Moncada’s blazing start keeps him atop the surplus value board

Super Stats Pack: Hitters/Pitchers (Game 20)

Revised, contextualized, and not altogether depressing!

Super Stats Pack: Game 15

The best value for the White Sox thus far? Hint: He’s been catching a lot of hell

Super Stats Pack: Game 10

Yet another new stats feature from your friendly neighborhood SSS staff