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Tony La Russa

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Sharing Sox Podcast 89 — It’s over! It’s over!

On to the ghoulish, October Hahnted house

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South Side Sox Podcast 124 — The Smartest Guy in the Room

Jordan Hass, Joe Resis, Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, Allie Wesel, and Dante Jones join Brett Ballantini to interpret GM Rick Hahn’s latest battle with foot-in-mouth disease

Tony La Russa steps down as skipper

"I did not do my job."

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South Side Sox Podcast 123 — You have to admit to yourself you’re rooting for a trash organization

Chrystal O’Keefe, Joe Resis, Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, Allie Wesel, Adrian Serrano and Dante Jones join Brett Ballantini to discuss Monday’s rumored retirement of Tony La Russa

End of the ride (again)

As the season comes to a close, reports are saying that manager Tony La Russa will have to retire due to ongoing medical issues

La Russa, Robert out for season

Tim Anderson, Michael Kopech almost certain to follow

Confirmed: Tony La Russa had pacemaker installed

Both things can be true: Tony has been a lousy manager for the White Sox, and we want him to stay strong and stick around for his family

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Sharing Sox Podcast 85 — The ogre is in the rearview mirror

HOFBP threatens to return, fans threaten to abandon

Tony La Russa out indefinitely?

Tony’s health becomes the latest Sox question mark

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South Side Sox Podcast 113 — Michael Kopech’s out, Tony La Russa isn’t

Zach Hayes, Dante Jones, Chrystal O’Keefe, Joe Resis and Jordan Hass join Brett Ballantini to discuss the Kopech injury and the sense of gloom suffocating the White Sox

South Side Sox Slackcast 6 — Kopech needlessly crumbles

As we await word on the status of a key rotation piece pushed "ahead" in the rotation rather than back or skipped, here’s our immediate staff reaction

White Sox Room Temperature Seat

All the key figures deserve to be fired, but who comes first?

It’s time to talk (again) about Tony

In La Russa We Trust — said no one

A look at La Russa’s prime

Was the South Side skipper truly ahead of the curve with his decision-making back in the day?

Today in White Sox History: July 4

New coaches, new managers — even new scoreboards!

White Sox Reacts Survey Results: Again, it’s time for Tony to go!

SSS readership votes Tony La Russa off the island once more

White Sox Reacts Survey: Who do you ask to leave?

If you had to eliminate one from the club, would you get rid of owner Jerry Reinsdorf, manager Tony La Russa, or GM Rick Hahn?

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The Chicago White Sox Plague, Part 3: Coaching

It’s hard to take this team seriously when their hiring practices imply they don’t take themselves seriously

Fire Rick!

Completing the matching set with Fire Tony, Rick Hahn gets the cannon treatment in our latest store offering

Today in White Sox History: June 20

Weird scenes inside the ballpark, all around

The Last Temptation of Tony La Russa

As the embarrassments of White Sox fans pile up like traffic on the Dan Ryan, we stare into our skipper’s subconscious

A Prayer for Irrelevance 

Is it better to be ignored or to be a laughingstock? A very 2022 question

The Importance of Being Hall-of-Famer Baseball Person

A play in one act

Gamethread: White Sox at Tigers

Lance Lynn returns to the bump, but is it already too late?

Gamethread: Rangers at White Sox

Let the chants begin!

Fire Tony!

La Russa gets the cannon treatment, in our latest store offering

Today in White Sox History: June 12

Watch out Detroit, Dylan’s in town

Sharing Sox Podcast 72: Managerial Malpractice Edition

Plus, a search for the empty suits in the executive suites

Today in White Sox History: June 6

Eddie Collins and Tony La Russa reach career milestones unmatched on the South Side

The four factors of South Side struggles

Three sit in the suites, one decimates the clubhouse

Sharing Sox Podcast 71: Weeping and Wailing Edition

Plus, where does the HOFBP get off speaking for military veterans?

Gamethread: White Sox at Blue Jays

Keep the Canadian brooms on the curling sheet where they belong