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Tony La Russa

Angels derail White Sox, 9-3

And it wasn’t nearly that close

Gamethread: White Sox at Royals

No offense, but some offense, please

Sharing Sox Podcast 46: Big Brewhaha Edition

And an uprising by the YermiNation

Gamethread: Twins at White Sox

Lucas Giolito will start tonight unless it actually rains this time

Gamethread: White Sox at Astros

At least it’s a lefty this time

Struggles at La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation Highlight a Pattern of Internal Feuding

The White Sox manager heads up two organizations where his version of the truth is at odds with those under his purview

The Money Will, Indeed, Be Spent

The pending perils of the Pale Hose purse strings

Therapy Thursday: A Place to Process the Events and Games of the Past

Introducing a safe spot to vent and wax psychological about the players and staff of our favorite team

The Conversation

Can this dream be made real?

Sharing Sox Podcast 37: Unwritten Rules Edition

But what about the written ones, you blithering idiot?

Sharing Sox Podcast 35: Dylan Ohtani Edition

Or, "Who needs to know the rules, anyway" edition?

Sharing Sox Podcast 34: La Russa Roast Edition

Wasn’t he supposed to be a great baseball guy?

Gamethread: Brewers at White Sox

Baseball’s back, so let the gamethreads begin!

SSS Cryptosoxery #9

A little spring training for us all

Sharing Sox Podcast 25 — Full Spring Training Edition

Well, full except for Covid-delayed José Abreu

Wednesday’s Spring Training Update: Abreu, and the White Sox Coaches Roundtable

The highlight of the day was getting a first, and frank, taste of the key staff La Russa, Menechino and Katz

Giolito’s No-No Kicks Off Virtual Sox Spring Break!

The White Sox are offering direct access with fans all spring training long

SSS Cryptosoxery #8

Funny what you find when you’re not looking for it

White Sox Reporting Day Roundup

More ugly news of the La Russa hiring opens camp, but there are optimistic developments as well

Happy Spring! And, oh, Reinsdorf Buried La Russa’s DUI

USA Today reports that Tony confessed his arrest in initial talks with the owner — and Jerry shared the news with no one

Sharing Sox Podcast 23: Hall of Fumes Edition

A good Mark for Buehrle, Curt comments about Schilling

SSS Cryptosoxery #3

It’s a resurrection of a much more minor insurrection

Sharing Sox Podcast 22 - Liam Hendricks Edition

Throw another reliever on the barbie

Sharing Sox Podcast 21: Catchers in the Wry

AKA post-insurrection backup backstop edition

SSS Cryptosoxery #2

Featuring the White Sox quote of the year

Sharing Sox Podcast 20 - New Year Edition

A little look back, a long look forward

Sharing Sox Podcast 19: Xmas Edition

Can we wish Tony La Russa back to retirement?

Justice Served! La Russa to Spend a Day at Home

Arizona additionally pickpockets the pub-crawling pilot for $1,383

Sharing Sox Podcast 18: Spiders in Our Ballpark

And should we get steamed about Steamer?

The Year of Living Tonyously

What was the name of our team again?

Sharing Sox Podcast 17: What’s Eaton Us

Sox Lance one, Eat one

Sharing Sox Podcast 16: Tender is the Night

Mazara may love company, but does the company love him?


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