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Value Survey

Stories determining overall value as WAR - salary.

2022 South Side Sox Value Survey: All-Star Break

Dylan Cease is running away from the pack, more than doubling anyone else’s surplus value so far

2022 South Side Sox Value Survey: Ugh

It’s a fight between Michael Kopech and Dylan Cease for best value on the White Sox, while TA maintains the top spot on the hitters’ side

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2021 South Side Sox Final Value Survey

Carlos Rodón takes the surplus value title for the team, but there were fierce battles on both the pitching and hitting sides.

South Side Sox Value Survey: Late July

Carlos Rodón has a stranglehold on the SV title for the team, while Yoán and TA duke it out among the hitters

South Side Sox Value Survey: Mid-June

Carlos Rodón extends his team lead, while a quietly-dominant hitter slides into second place

South Side Sox Value Survey: Mid-May

Carlos Rodón takes the lead, in a three-way surplus value fight with Yermín Mercedes and Dylan Cease

South Side Sox Value Survey: April

Yes, yes, it’s early ... but some trends have already been established, with 10% of the season in the books

How did Rick Hahn do?

Using surplus value, the hits and misses from 2020 add up to ... a wash

2020 Final Value Survey: Pitchers

For another year, Lucas Giolito was the value leader on the mound — and this summer, the competition wasn’t close

2020 Final Value Survey: Hitters

Longtime leader Tim Anderson is supplanted by another star teammate as White Sox surplus value champion