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Value Survey

Stories determining overall value as WAR - salary.

South Side Sox Value Survey: Late July

Carlos Rodón has a stranglehold on the SV title for the team, while Yoán and TA duke it out among the hitters

South Side Sox Value Survey: Mid-June

Carlos Rodón extends his team lead, while a quietly-dominant hitter slides into second place

South Side Sox Value Survey: Mid-May

Carlos Rodón takes the lead, in a three-way surplus value fight with Yermín Mercedes and Dylan Cease

South Side Sox Value Survey: April

Yes, yes, it’s early ... but some trends have already been established, with 10% of the season in the books

How did Rick Hahn do?

Using surplus value, the hits and misses from 2020 add up to ... a wash

2020 Final Value Survey: Pitchers

For another year, Lucas Giolito was the value leader on the mound — and this summer, the competition wasn’t close

2020 Final Value Survey: Hitters

Longtime leader Tim Anderson is supplanted by another star teammate as White Sox surplus value champion