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White Sox Playoffs

Everything playoff-related, including previews, game coverage, and podcasts.

Estrogen Power Hour Podcast 5 — The Laundry Series That Should’ve Been

Chrystal O’Keefe and Keelin Billue host Red Sox writer Bayleigh Von Schneider to preview the Red Sox/Astros series, discuss being a woman in the baseball world and syntax when tweeting about domestic violence.

Sharing Sox Podcast 57: When Did the HOFBP Blow the Playoffs Edition

Hint: It was way before October.

South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 8 — Goodbye, 2021 Season

A six-pack of South Side Sox staffers commiserated postgame to discuss the elimination loss and full series, Tony, season highlights, and the friends we made along the way.

Astros Defeat White Sox 10-1 to Clinch ALDS

Houston advances to its fifth consecutive ALCS, which is hard to write when all that banging is going on

Tweetstorm (ALDS Game 4): Eliminated at Home Edition

It was long, and it was painful.

Six Pack of Stats (ALDS Game 4): Astros 10, White Sox 1

Till next year, friends.

Gamethread: Astros at White Sox (ALDS Game 4)

Carlos Rodón, who looks to help extend the series, takes the mound

South Side Sox Pregame Podcast 3 — Previewing ALDS Game 4, Plus More Momentum, More Cheating and Yes, More Fan Gatekeeping

Chrystal O’Keefe and Zach Hayes join Brett Ballantini to discuss ALDS Game 4, Houston’s reputation as cheaters coming home to roost, and the pitfalls and ugliness of telling others how to root.

feeling sleepy, hollow

is there a curse of trashcans past? trashcans present? trashcans future?

“Sox in Five”

Even years from now, fans will whisper the phrase that filled us with a fateful hope.

Postponed, Rain: Astros at White Sox (ALDS Game 4)

The game will be made up on Tuesday at 1:07 Central

Leury Legend, TA and a Slider-Heavy Bullpen Forced Game 4 for the South Siders

Game 3 had a ton of storylines, so here are a few numbers that defined the win.

South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 7 — A Huge ALDS Game 3 Win, and a Clear Momentum Shift

Adrian Serrano and Di Billick join Brett Ballantini to discuss the long, magical evening on the South Side, celebrating the heroes and looking ahead to Game 4.

A Sea of Black Ushers in a Legendary Win, 12-6

Despite a rough start, the South Siders come with all the right moves in ALDS Game 3. (or: Legends, cheaters, and punchable faces)

Tweetstorm (ALDS Game 3): White Sox 12, Astros 6

We wade into the dangerous waters of social media to highlight some of the best tweets of the evening.

What to Watch For: ALDS Game 3 (and Maybe 4 & 5?)

What we might see from the starters for Game 3 — and beyond

South Side Sox Pregame Podcast 2 — Previewing ALDS Game 3 (The Blackout Game, Redux)

Jacki Krestel joins Brett Ballantini to discuss the series to date, looking ahead to Game 3 and the positive factors kicking in for the White Sox.

White Sox Home Playoff Game Tips & Tricks

It’s gonna be plenty busy at the ballpark, so here’s the team’s guide to getting around.

The White Sox Are Down 0-2 in the ALDS, but They’re Not Mediocre

Even after two losses, it’s OK to still think the South Siders are a good baseball team.

South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 6 — The Mysteries of Tony’s Bullpen Management

Adrian Serrano and Zach Hayes join Brett Ballantini to discuss the tough Game 2 loss, and try to find out where the best arm on the roster is hiding.

Six Pack of Stats (ALDS Game 2): Astros 9, White Sox 4

Baffling pitching decisions cancel out comeback, bring 2-0 deficit back to Chicago.

White Sox Drop Game 2 to Astros, 9-4


A Tale of Two Tweets (OK, several more than two): ALDS Game 2

The Astros didn’t beat us. We beat us.

Gamethread: White Sox at Astros (ALDS Game 2)

South Siders look to even the series behind Lucas Giolito, before heading home.

What Didn’t Happen in Game 1 (And What Needs to Happen in Game 2)

Identifying three key areas of improvement for the White Sox after the loss in the opener.

South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 5 — Dissecting the 6-1 Loss and Looking Ahead to Game 2

Jacki Krestel, Joe Resis and Zach Hayes join Brett Ballantini to break down a flat Game 1 loss, and find reason for hope for a split in Houston.

Houston Bests White Sox 6-1 in ALDS Game 1

Oh well.

Tweetstorm (ALDS Game 1): The Game Was Chaotic, and So Is This

A look at today’s loss through the Twitter prism.

Six Pack of Stats (ALDS Game 1): Astros 6, White Sox 1

Yikes, that one went Houston’s way quickly and never got much better.

White Sox ALDS Roster Set

Dallas Keuchel is not on it! Also, Zack lives, Mendick reborn, Dancing for Dubs ... activate!

South Side Sox Pregame Podcast 1 — Previewing the ALDS

Joe Resis, Colleen Sullivan and Adrian Serrano join Brett Ballantini to discuss José’s health, Lynn’s promotion, creative uses for Dallas Keuchel and the end of the postseason bench.

View From the Other Side: Houston Astros, ALDS Version

Dan Martin, from our sister site Crawfish Boxes, foresees a very tight ALDS that will tilt toward the more experienced club.