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Rick Hahn on free agents: No qualifying offers

During a conference call centered on discussing Jake Peavy's contract extension, new White Sox GM said he wasn't going to give qualifying offers to any of the four remaining free agents. He did have some more detail to add on their statuses as they embark into the open market:

Kevin Youkilis and Brett Myers: Hahn said he had "a really nice conversation" with Youkilis when calling to let him know they weren't exercising his option, and he did the same with Brett Myers, saying, "We'd like to have both of them back," but the elements weren't in place to get something done as quickly as the Sox could with Peavy.

Third base remains a question mark with or without Youkilis, because he didn't give any indication about Brent Morel's stock. When asked about if the potential starter at third, Hahn said, "We will see. It's Oct. 30th."

A.J. Pierzynski: Like Youkilis and Myers, Pierzynski is at the point where the Sox will let him talk to other teams and report back about his market value.