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Pierzynski's market still vague, but Jon Heyman has a couple ideas

Now that Russell Martin has signed for two years and $17 million, this might finally start getting A.J. Pierzynski's market rolling among catcher-hungry teams. Right now, there hasn't been much buzz around a guy who set a career high in homers with 27, which is a surprise.

Adding to the oddness: The first team that pops up isn't a team that really needs a catcher. Take it away, Jon Heyman:

A.J. Pierzynski's market is quite the mystery, and some are suggesting the Dodgers could possibly make a surprise run at the veteran free-agent catcher.

It seems like something of a long shot considering the nice season A.J. Ellis had catching for the Dodgers in 2012, and Dodgers people are indeed painting Pierzynski as a remote possibility, at best.

The Dodgers have liked Pierzynski, since he almost signed there before the Sox arranged a 15-minute deal back in 2010. But Heyman wasn't done trying to put a market together for Pierzynski, as he later tweeted: