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Still nothing new to report with A.J. Pierzynski

It's a little too early in Rick Hahn's career for reruns, but darn it if we aren't getting the same questions and answers about A.J. Pierzynski and Tyler Flowers as the former goes through free agency, and the latter waits to take his job. Via Doug Padilla:

"We aren’t there yet and we are still exploring other options, including A.J.," general manager Rick Hahn said Monday on the opening day of baseball’s annual winter meetings. "However, if in fact we wind up with Tyler as the Opening Day catcher, we think that we will not lose anything defensively and we have a good young hitter capable of hitting for power and getting on base fairly regularly, at a fairly healthy clip. It’s nice to have that option to fall back on."

That's pretty much the exact same thing he told The Score a month ago.